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Remain Seated Please!



July 15th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 09:21 Listening to UAB and hit on the Alien Encounter preshow from Disney World. It features the awesomeness of Tim Curry. I approve!
  • 10:33 You know, Lit Brick doesn't have many readers, but I sure love the ones I've got.
  • 10:33 I mean, where else can I crack wise about Northanger Abbey and have people actually get the joke?
  • 12:34 Working on a spiffier Lit Brick site. Looks nifty so far.
  • 13:36 Hmm. Despite this being a pretty simple site, it's taking a while to redesign. Curse my somewhat limited knowledge of CSS!
  • 13:57 Dear Guy with the PW Ad with Black Text and a Thick Red Stroke: My eyes hurt enough without you helping.
  • 14:26 I'm gonna have to actually make the comic now as opposed to making this site. Bollocks.
  • 15:25 Quick, somebody ask @Shortpacked if he knows any trustworthy sites that sell Transformers comics.
  • 15:37 This site is starting look markedly better than the old one:
  • 16:48 I really don't know what to do with the background on this new site. No flat color looks right.
  • 19:01 WIP Site: - I'm rather proud of the frame surrounding the news section. It stretches dyamically to fit the text!
  • 19:04 Though the comments may look a bit cramped in it. Hmm...
  • 20:44 Lit Brick - 2010-07-14 (This isn't a new comic, I'm just testing something.)
  • 21:01 LB 074: I was hoping to give you a new site for this update, but twas not to be.
  • 21:37 I officially can't stand to look at the current LB site when I compare it to this:
  • 22:06 Scrubbo says the new site looks "hipper." I'd posit that Lit Brick is pretty much the exact opposite of "hip."
  • 22:16 Alright, this site is, for all intents and purposes, DONE. Just need to modify the index into an archive template with comments.
  • 22:27 I literally did a spit-take laughing at this. Clearly I need to go to bed. RT @Shortpacked @TheOnlyTrout And to add the orange.
  • 22:38 Scrubbo is possibly the finest man I know. And that's not me being sarcastic. I'm totally serious. He is fucking awesome. WORSHIP HIM.
  • 22:57 Okay, Scrubbo's decided that I'm Sokka from Avatar. He's less awesome now.
  • 23:14 Okay, the new site is live, and it's awesome. Comments look a bit weird, though, and the extra pages (about, etc) need updating.
  • 23:47 Alright, I finally have to sleep now. Enjoy the spiffy new site. Apologies for the skinny comments. I'll think on them tomorrow.
  • 00:02 And now, as the clock ticks over past midnight, I figured out a nice way to handle the comments. But I'll have to do it tomorrow. #sleepnow
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July 14th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 09:12 Commission original Lit Brick comics! MY PRICES ART INSANE!
  • 09:28 Not sure if anyone will pay for some extra LB strips, but since I can't pay my car's registration next month, I figured it was worth shot.
  • 11:31 Quickly, my tweeps! I need sound effects and dialog for sex and/or other vaguely pornographic activities in a comic! #seriously
  • 13:32 Look! New comic page! And I really have no where else to upload it. #DecidedlyNOTSporkman #WhyDidIDrawThis?
  • 17:39 Tomorrow's LB doesn't have any copy/paste. It's a miracle!
  • 19:55 From a random forum poster, describing Lit Brick: "Slightly NSFW." I should put that quote on a book cover.
  • 19:59 Dude, some guy posts a Lit Brick link with no description into the mass of chaos that is Reddit and I still get 86 visitors from it? Nice!
  • 21:07 LB 073: He also invented Peter Gabriel.
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July 13th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 13:38 I'm listening to "Hakuna Matata" in Japanese right now. I just thought you should know.
  • 13:45 Alright, so Japan confuses me. This parade from Tokyo Disneyland has "Friend Like Me" in Japanese, but "Part of Your World" in English.
  • 13:46 That strikes me as a fairly arbitrary decision on the part of Disney Imagineering.
  • 13:47 DUDE. As Lumiere introduced "Be Our Guest" in this parade, he used Japanese, French, and English all in the same sentence. *slow clap*
  • 15:30 God, I need a job, cause I'm NEVER gonna make money on my comics. Seriously.
  • 15:31 Unless my beloved two hundred readers of Lit Brick each get two hundred more people to read as well. That'd be nice.
  • 15:31 In any event, back to work inking a page of a comic book no one but me and three other people will ever read.
  • 15:32 (Yes, despite my Japanese Disney music, I'm in a rather dark place today.)
  • 19:19 I've been so depressed today that I forgot to draw Lit Brick. I should probably get on that.
  • 19:52 Holy shit, the Miller's Tale is like Middle English porn. #WhichMeansItsAwesome
  • 20:03 I'm torn between just commenting on medieval sexual assault or actually drawing it. #ProblemsOtherComicsProbablyDontHave
  • 20:09 I suspect I'll puss out on drawing the more risque comic. #PunIntended
  • 20:57 So, my indecisiveness about how to draw this comic is making it late. Most sincere apologies.
  • 21:13 So, what have we learned from today? When John is depressed, he tweets WAY too much. #TheMoreYouKnow
  • 21:26 LB 072: Shameless cameos and dirty words.
  • 22:10 just got an unexpected bill for server costs!
  • 22:10 coincidentally just went looking for a gun.
  • 22:13 (Don't worry, there aren't any guns in this house. I think I really need to just go to bed now.)
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July 12th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 09:15 What's the point in backing things up if my DVDs from three years aren't working any more?
  • 17:25 I lose internet for about thirty seconds every three hours like clockwork, at 8:23, 11:23, 2:23, 5:23, etc. WTF is that all about?
  • 19:55 I drew today. I drew a LOT. Tomorrow's LB from pencils to completion, as well as THREE penciled comic book pages. Whew.
  • 20:24 8:23, my internet went down for a minute, right on the tic. This is fucked up.
  • 21:21 LB 071: Intoxication.
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July 11th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 13:02 I've recently become obsessed with the art of comic lettering. I blame it on trying to justify all the fonts I've bought from @blambot.
  • 14:11 The DS site isn't loading for me. That's... weird.
  • 14:13 Okay, it's only occuring it Firefox. That's... weirder.
  • 19:19 Is Delusionary State's site not loading for anyone else in Firefox, or is it just me?
  • 19:24 Removed the Burstmedia leaderboard and the site loaded fine. Hmm.
  • 19:25 Put the ad back, no site again. Well, at least I know what's wrong, I just don't know WHY.
  • 19:36 Pulled all the Burst leaderboards till I can figure it out. Hey, at least the sites load faster now.
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July 10th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 06:34 *blink blink* I woke to lots of comic comments. That's... new. Not at all unpleasant, just new. #AmazingWayToStartTheDay
  • 12:15 Fun with color theory. The past few months, color has been at the forefront of my brain, and it's affecting DS.
  • 12:16 In the process of preparing DS for print, I've been tweaking art and recoloring things. The new color is a considerably improvement, IMO.
  • 12:17 And it's just IMO, because my opinion is in no way "humble."
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July 9th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 10:14 I'm feeling particularly down today. Perhaps dowling water out of the bottom of this drained spa will cheer me up. I somewhat doubt it.
  • 11:49 An expanded Avatar is coming to cinemas. Because I wasn't bored enough the first time.
  • 13:49 Looking at the DS archives. Just noticed a small part of a panel I forgot to color OVER A YEAR AGO. Killer proofreading, guys.
  • 14:14 The first issue of DS has taught me a valuable lesson - don't draw characters until you know what they look like. It's... inconsistent.
  • 19:39 I'm always thrilled when I get a new Twitter follower and they AREN'T an advertising bot.
  • 19:55 I'm feeling extraordinairly chatty right now. Commenting on Disqus, Tweeting on Twitter... And here I thought I was SAD. #IAmAHappyKing
  • 21:00 LB 070: Screw comics, let's just keep talking about Disney's Robin Hood.
  • 21:16 Disqus was not made for long conversations. I should probably stop doing that.
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July 8th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 18:46 Ooh, thanks to for the shout-out on July 4th! It's a wicked great blog for holders of useless degrees like me.
  • 21:08 LB 069: This strip is remarkably stupid.
  • 22:32 Delusionary State's first storyline finally ends. Huzzah.
  • 22:33 You won't see the scientists again for a while, but the secret agent girls will reappear in a couple months. Probably.
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July 7th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 13:56 RT @blambot Twitter Contest rules: Winner gets a stack of comics & TPBs! (Re-tweet!)
  • 16:33 Tomorrow's LB is the first thing I've EVER lettered in Illustrator. I will never letter in Photoshop again.
  • 20:07 Just remembered that ComicCon is in a couple weeks and I WON'T be there for the first time in a decade. A little part of my soul just died.
  • 21:08 LB 068: The Monk gets REAL.
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July 6th, 2010


Remain Seated Please!
  • 12:13 DS 6x19: I know, I'm surprised too.
  • 12:15 Man, the DS website looks like crap. Note to self...
  • 15:55 So Canterbury Tales is getting weird in my writing. The regular stories will be ridiculed in the usual way, but the interstitials...
  • 21:03 LB 067: A dose of reality.
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